Focus Groups & Qualitative Interviews

What could your organization accomplish if it had access to powerful research tools like those used by social scientists? What would you love to learn about your company before heading into your next strategic retreat?

Focus groups allow us to interact with your clients, customers or stakeholders through collecting qualitative data about their experience with your brand. Typically, these are two-hour sessions where we ask critical questions that are often beyond the scope of surveys. Focus groups can provide you with an unsurpassed level of insight. They are facilitated in spacious conference room locations, complete with access to technology, and full-catering services.

We also provide in-depth market research and one-on-one qualitative interviews with high impact users, key personnel, and people on the ground who have always wanted to offer feedback but don't always have opportunities to engage. Our work is about more than management practices; it's about deconstructing the culture of your organization to better understand its narrative.